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Level Playing Field reviews, analyzes and provides recommendations and solutions for the built environment. We provide design development services for universally accessible spaces for a variety of clients including education, government, hospitality, healthcare, residential, office, retail, recreation, and transportation facilities. We save our clients money by building in accessibility features from the start, thereby future proofing the built environment. We make environments that are more inclusive and streamline processes for design, building and management.

Our design services include:

  • Providing concept development for new projects
  • Conducting architectural and project evaluations
  • Preparing audit reports
  • Offering plan consultation
  • Providing design and marketing assistance to business and industry



Level Playing Field provides courses, workshops and presentations for advocates, architects, builders, designers, engineers, service providers and government agencies.

Our education services include:

  • Providing Universal Design seminars/presentations
  • Training on how to make and keep your home, office or other space universally accessible.



Level Playing Field researches user needs, usability of accessible and universally designed products and environments, the impact of universal design and creates solutions to overcome barriers to accessibility.

Our research services include:

  • Advancing knowledge of universal design principles
  • Identifying user needs
  • Conducting design and market research
  • Evaluating universal design solutions



We deal strictly with accessibility.  We are experts in the field.  Our lived experience allows us to go beyond the building code to make valuable best practice recommendations.  In our experience, the building code is not enough to ensure full accessibility.  Unfortunately, the code does not address a variety of disabilities and issues which able-bodied persons may not be aware of.  Often buildings constructed to meet barrier free building code are still considered inaccessible by the persons with disabilities who wish to utilize them.  We are here to ensure accessibility features are implemented efficiently and correctly the first time, ultimately future proofing the project against costly renovations or retrofits.

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Level Playing Field

Level Playing Field is a new consulting company that provides Universal Design solutions. We evaluate, develop and promote accessible and Universal Design for housing, buildings, outdoor and urban environments and related services.

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